Tuesday, 11 August 2009



After hoping and praying that the beautiful alexander wang coco duffel bag would be around £500, i sadly found out its not (£850) so i need an alternative.
so im in a dilemma.

picture from googleimg & ellen

The top bag is from zara. I'm not sure of the price but its not real leather so it must be under £5o i hope. The second bag is from Topshop and is £85 which is quiet alot seeing as I'm on a student budget but ill probs get someone at work to buy it for me so will get discount.
You cant see the studs that well on the Topshop one but they look really good and i think the bag will least a long time, its just the handle are abit short.

what do you think? HELP ME OUT!!


  1. i think that is ur best bet emma to make ur own xxxxx 850 for a bag is tooo much even thou its extremely beautiful :-( dont worry when we are in our high fashion careers we will be able to afford designer things like this lol xxxxx

  2. yeh i just cant a black bag that i really really like.
    but i confess i bought the zara bag it was only 29.90 :D:D and the last one so i thought it was fate
    x x